Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Catalina Pediatrics - Round II

I called the pediatrician's office last week to inquire about the claim for the last visit, well, the girl that I talked to at the billing office never called me back which led me to believe that they never filed the claim, as per the assurances of the office manager back in July. Well, my hunch was right this morning when I called back and was told that the claim had been submitted .....last week....after I called. I asked to speak with the office manager again, since she obviously dropped the ball, but was told that she'd call me back. Two hours later, she still hasn't responded. I figure that when/if she calls, I'll ask for the money that I had to pay up front be refunded and that they bill me like every other office does.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's That Time

The time of year where the weather gets back to perfect. The humidity has dropped out the bottom again and it's time to plant the fall garden. This is the part of the year when it's really nice to be in T-town. It's cool and all of the winter geezers haven't shown up yet.

The work plan is rolling along. My resume was requested earlier this week and we'll see how that works out. It's a bit hard to sell yourself after not having to do so for a while. One would think that someone could see "Business Owner" on a resume and would think, "Gee, this person has been the one running things and knows how things are supposed to run...", but that must not be how it works.

CP is doing well and is enjoying being outside at times when we have had to keep her out of the sun in the past. She's usually running around naked with only shoes on at times. We hope that she'll enjoy helping us dig and construct things in the yard soon.

We have plans for a strawbale studio, hoop house for the garden, and several fruit trees, but we'll see what happens.....life gets in the way sometimes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lots Happenin'

The LW is working on getting me in on the gig that she has going somehow, but I was recently dealt the hand that I'm sure many stay-at-home moms get when they look into moving back into the workforce, "your skill set is rather dated". Hmmmm..... The last time that I checked, electrons were still electrons, but oh well, I'm moving on to other prospects anyway. Some friends out at the local war machine may be able to help me at least geta shot at something actually using my military experience with missile and aircraft work.

The main reason that I'm looking is so that we can put CP in a Montessori (private) preschool that will take little people who are 2 years old. Most wait until 3 it seems - maybe they think that most kids will be potty trained by then, although from what I've seen some places this sadly isn't the case. (rant: Who in the hell wants to still be changing diapers on a 3 year old? Cripes, I'd consider myself a failure as a parent if CP was still crapping in her pants.) We went and took a tour yesterday and after about 20 minutes, CP didn't want to get in the car to leave. There were small animals in each room and learning activity stuff everywhere. We were sold, but now just need the work to come through so that the $700/month will work out.

The LW's used 700P Palm Treo showed up today and she was speechless just holding it. We'll probably both be using them soon enough, and even though it's not the swankiest new gadget on the block, they'll serve well as a multifunction device.

CP and I went to the park this morning for almost 3 hours. There were some other kids there that seemed to like playing with her and she had a blast. They ran, climbed, and slid until it was time to go home for lunch. CP's climbing ability is improving and she can hold her own with the other kids. I ended up getting stung by one of those big red ants and now know the pain that CP experienced a few weeks ago. It was my first sting from one of these and it's wicked. My hand still hurts and that was 3 hours ago.

All is well.....

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Can't Move

After our last trip to Arkansas, we discussed what it would be like to move back to Kansas City and back into the (bulging) bible belt so that CP could be around her cousins. We batted it around a bit, but it seems that we're ok with what's offered here - where there isn't a church on every corner and nobody lives in a dry county.

To add to this, CP's cousins live a split life between two households anyway, so I think that it would just add to the craziness that already exists there. We'd be hanging out on both sides of that fence and I don't know how that would turn out. Both sets of grandparents would be close and we'd love to have built-in babysitters. The thing is, we'd probably both have to work two jobs to live there. I don't think that the LW could land a $50k+ telecommuting gig back there and there are too many folks that sprint dumped still floating around. It'd just be tough for us there...sprint's been in the crapper for a long time, the KC schools struggle to get accredited, and even Hallmark is starting to bail out.

CP will grow up out west and live a completely different childhood from what the LW and I both had. She'll know the desert, trips to the ocean, and friends that are family.