Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Farewell to Birds

Today a nice lady and her husband are picking up the girls. They're out in the large dog crates right now waiting to go to their new homes. CP cried when she saw them being put in the crates and we both petted Buffy and said goodbye. We'll all miss the noisy little bums...they've become part of our family and CP really loves having them around. Their new home already has six hens and they'll have an acre of ground to roam with their new friends. Hopefully after our move we can convince the city council to change their ways and allow us to have birds that actually lay eggs with orange yolks again.....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Selling Out

Our little Arizona house officially hits the sale market today. It won't feed out until later in the week, which is good because the place is a mess, but it's going on the market nonetheless. It's a bit of a mix of emotions doing this and leaving this place, but the move will put CP nearer to her extended family in the Kansas City area.

There are plenty of things that we've done here and proven that we can do, but for me there are still a few things that I didn't get accomplished. There aren't any fruit trees in the back yard, the garden project is still not a 501C3, and there are wonderful places in this state that I didn't get to share with my Lovely Wife and daughter. We did manage to fix up our little abode and make some real positive change in our living space. The walls have American Clay on them and it looks different at various times of day - sometimes grainy sand, sometimes leathery suede - always beautiful though. The garden out back is really green, the chickens are happy, and the desert landscape out front is thriving and bringing in all sorts of creatures.

We'll miss everyone here and miss out on some pretty big events that are coming up in our friends' lives, but we'll also share CP's life with extended family, which for me, is worth the hassle of selling out of here.