Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Took the LW to the midwife appt this morning. She's growing as she should be and the baby's heartbeat was good. She measured ok on the circumference of the tummy and is back up to 154lbs - fightin' weight. Her new boss is still giving her fits, but she'll get him ironed out soon.

I got the laminate flooring installed this afternoon in our room for a surprise and she loves it. It does well with the wall colors that I finished earlier in the week. (Gypsy Magic - purple and California Poppy - orange) I've still got to finish the trim before the in-laws get here in a couple of weeks, but a little bit of 3/4" shoe molding should do nicely.

I'll go this weekend to look at a Mercedes 300 diesel wagon in Phoenix. It's a possibility, but who knows. I'll have to sell the bus if we decide to get it since I can only have one project vehicle going at one time. It'll have to be a pretty good deal to make it worth selling the bus.

Friday, January 27, 2006

On the home front, LW and found out some more information about the possible new work position. It's clear now that it would be a bad move. The position isn't certain for over a year and new /contracts work in the area is questionable. Also, the medical benefits are not really all that great. 50% after 90 days and nothing for dependents until a year, then only 25%. That was the kicker. We discussed it as we were out watering the plants with the laundry water yesterday evening. She's not going to take it if it's offered. It would be a nice change of pace, but the other stuff is a problem.

LW is really getting to big for her britches. The beloved coveralls will be unusable after this week. She's gaining fast and CP actually moved her arm across the belly the other night. It was strange to feel little body parts moving against the abdominal wall. Our room is still in the stages of paint and it's coming along nicely. The color that the LW chose is quite bright. Turn on the light and it's like a horn blast from a locomotive. We'll see whether or not it stays, but the project's not finished yet and it's too early to tell. This weekend holds only a garden meeting and some car repair for us and a friend. Hopefully the LW will catch up on some sleep.

In local news it looks like the legislature is clearing the way for citizens to blast away at people who come into their homes or vehicles with intent to do harm. I'm going to have to say that I fall on the side that's against Downing in this case. It might be time to re-evaluate the concealed carry classes to see if it's worth the time and effort. Either way, if someone comes through the door without an invitation, they're looking to get persuaded to leave. It looks like we'll start getting fined for not teaching english effectively to the people who have sneaked in, or come into the country legally. Another cost of the reconquista.

Reading through the national news this morning, I found a story that the WorldNutDaily has picked up and run with. A little girl who was weened off of her tubes after being beaten into a coma, miraculously started breathing on her own and by moving her eyes is "fighting to live". I expect the right-wing congressional high priests to make a show now as long as someone puts a camera in front of them, that is, if they aren't already in court defending themselves against corruption charges. The writer of the article mentions the "nanny state", but who does she think is going to be caring for this girl from now on? Her "parents" are both headed for the big-house and they won't be paying for the care. It's a sad story and I'm sure that it will be used to the fullest extent some time soon. Is Malkin going to be carrying her story in 5 years or is it just the fodder de jour?

Hamas won an election, Abramoff pled guilty, 4Q economy stats are down....come on luckyyyyyyy....big Karl needs a distraction. What's it gonna be?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Good Kids

"When you're a law student, they tell you if say that if you can't argue the law, argue the facts. They also tell you if you can't argue the facts, argue the law. If you can't argue either, apparently, the solution is to go on a public relations offensive and make it a political issue... to say over and over again "it's lawful", and to think that the American people will somehow come to believe this if we say it often enough.

In light of this, I'm proud of the very civil civil disobedience that was shown here today."

- David Cole, Georgetown University Law Professor

I was out running errands yesterday when I stopped in the post orifice parking lot to call my dad. I still can't remember their address and I forgot to bring my palm pilot along. After exchanging pleasantries about this and that, I tried to point him toward this blog. It turned out to be a funny conversation filled with, "now, look up in the right corner near the box with an x in it" type directions. It cracks me up to hear him saying the letters as he hunts and pecks to create words on the screen.

It's strikes me as odd to see this from a person who:
- when I was a kid, tabulated the grocery cost in his head while we were shopping in the store and then bet the lady at the cash register a coke to see who came closest to the exact amount. This may not seem like much, but we'd only go once a month and my brother and I recall having 3 or 4 carts stacked full on most of our trips.
- can recall problems with specific models of document production machines from almost 30 years ago and probably give part numbers for the parts in them that failed most often.

Anyway, I found some cool stamps while I was at the post orifice and I sent a copy of the book See No Evil to my father. I got the book for xmas and really enjoyed reading it. The LW and I would like to see the movie Syriana some time soon, but I may have to wait for it to come to Casa Video. I don't know if the little one will like all of the noise. The roundtable discussion from the website for the movie has some interesting tidbits, but may not work for those folks on dial-up.

While I was out, I grabbed some of that blue tape for painting and two gallons of California Poppy by Ralph Lauren. That's the color that LW picked for our room and it should brighten things up a bit. Today will be sanding day and hopefully I can paint on Friday.

The LW and I ran over to kinko's last night and got her resume and associated stuff printed out. Her meeting was this morning and it seemed to have gone well. She's excited about the new prospect and I'm happy for her. The work will be a change, but it's similar to what she was doing in Colorado Springs when she was working as a contractor for a big company with military contracts. I guess they have an office here in Tucson and she has the potential to move into other things if she gets it. They don't seem too concerned about the pregnancy stuff and they actually seem to value the documents that are produced which is a big shift from the present employer.

It's beautiful out today and all is well.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I found this cartoon in the paper this morning and have found that he consistently comes up with some good ones. Roberts and Alito will be around for a long time. Several of the other judges who were born in the 30s will probably bail out at some point in the near future.

I've recently decided to sponsor a local guy who's going to give the Great Divide Race a go this summer. He's supposed to be quite a character as you can see from the picture and will need all the help that he can get to complete this 2490-mile self-supported mountain bike race.

LW just sent me a note mentioning that I should mark my calendar for the upcoming pregnancy classes. We'll get a tour of the nearby hospital (just in case) and an intro class on breastfeeding as well. We'll be Medela pump experts in no time at all. I've been a little worried lately that we wouldn't get in anywhere. In order to have a child at the Birth and Women's Health Center, you must attend some form of class so that you know what to expect. I asked the midwife on the last visit if LW doesn't intuitively know everything that she needs already. She danced around that for a bit and then said yes, but that we need the classes anyway. We're hesitant because we're not really into the idea of sitting around with a bunch of happy little breeder Stepford(house)Wives looking at baby pictures and hearing about Dick and Jane's fourth little baby or the like. Not necessarily anti-social, just anti-unecessary BS.

Monday, January 23, 2006

in Tucson

Man, I feel for those guys at Ford who are going to get the axe. This will hit the local communities pretty hard as well as it funnels down through the local suppliers and other companies that keep the plants humming along. There are quite a few liquor stores outside the front gates of the plants that will be closing up, but the churches won't get to savor that victory for very long as the collection plates slowly begin to grow dusty.

I remember the same thing coming down finally from Sprint about the ION project going down the crapper. Schnikeys that sucked. It turned out ultimately though to be the best thing that could have happened. It led me away from things that just sucked the life out of me and toward some really good stuff. The wife and I packed up and left the midwest behind; something that we might have done eventually anyway. Off to Colorado to try it out for bit and then on to Tucson when we outgrew our taste for small-town xenophobic Colorado (just google "Royal Gorge"). I haven't had to take a "production job" at a fast-food place yet, so things are lookin' up!