Sunday, March 25, 2007

Quiet House

The LW and CP are in Rockford right now and I got a call earlier from a noisy hotel room. It sounded like a S+11 gathering in the background, but CP was singing in the foreground. I guess her cousin Eli has called her out, quite literally, on the scream-the-loudest game. The LW said that they are evidently going to play the Notre Dame fight song at the end of the funeral. Hmmmm...

It was a beautiful day here and I didn't dry heave while changing a diaper, pick food up from the floor, or chase a crawling baby. I got out and started working on the diesel project. I finished up with the wiring harness inside the cab and got the new dash put in. It had to come out once because I forgot to change the VIN tag, but after that it went together nicely and looks alot different than it did when I picked it up.

I realized by mid-morning, as I was contorted in the cab of the truck, that delayed-onset muscle soreness was sneaking up on me after my ride yesterday. I put in 42 miles on the XR and really enjoyed it. There were lots of great folks out playing and one of the guys had a helmet cam - funny stuff.

For the LW, Auntie Melissa, and the nemesis: Bucknell, Bruins, b b buh bye KU. Sheesh......

I had a good day today, but I sure missed CP's sleepy snuggle and the "sleep song" that she hums just before she's ready to snooze.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Changing Seasons

It's cold and rainy today as it was yesterday...cold being relative of course.

News this week of the LW's grandfather's death. He was in his early 90s and had a full life. The LW will be off to the great lakes region this coming week and since the flights are screwy and she can't make it there and back in the same day, she'll be taking CP with her to avoid premature weening. Everyone there gets to see CP again of course and it will be her first introduction to many.

Today's the day that one of the LW's friends bids her long-time canine friend his last goodbye. He also had a full life and has been all over the country, camping, cavorting, and just being a good woman's best friend in general. His body and mind have evidently deteriorated to the point that he just can't hold on anymore. A good pup, that's for sure. He showed me that animals really do like massage and that they often can pick the massage person out of a crowd.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Aunt Lani and Uncle Phil took off last night bound for Pheonix, then home. We had a great visit with them. A couple of new photos made it onto the flickr badge and a few hundred were deleted from Lani's overfilled hard drive. That poor laptop.......

On the way home, the LW and I discussed whether or not I should be allowed out in public after making the jackass noise at a lady who would not answer her phone while we were eating at the B-Line. It wasn't as if everyone in the place wasn't thinking it already.....sheesh.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The LW had lunch with Aunt Brandy on Friday and took CP all the way downtown in the Chariot. It was a good trip, but CP was pretty warm by the time they got home. Saturday was a blur and Sunday morning was a trip to one of the Community Gardens. Everyone was happy to see the baby and I really enjoyed not really having to do much...well, except change another front flat on the LW's bicycle. Not being pulled on for water repairs as a rare treat and I hope for many more days like that. Things just breezed along at the garden and George shared his abundant wisdom with everyone as usual. Later Sunday, Lani & Phil made it to the Arizona Inn and we went out for Sonoran Hot Dogs down at BK's....mmmmmmm It was a first for all of us and man, they are really good. Auntie Melissa has a new blog and it's good to see her out and about playing on the web like a regular opposed to a prisoner in scrubs doomed to work strange 14-hour shifts for days on end.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mom called tonight to say that they had made it to Santa Fe and were tired. They left T-town this morning headed out after a whirlwind visit to see CP and get some smooches in. Did they ever......

She's suffering from grandparent withdrawals today, so it's a good thing that I took her for a 3-hour tour this morning. We went to the park and played with some other kids, saw the ducks, and then hit Trader Joe's on the way home. (note to self - Trader Joe's is a mess at lunchtime) I discussed the nearby pool in Ried Park with two moms that were there and found out that the pool is a "beach pool" where you gradually move into deeper water without having a real edge to descend from....just like a beach. This afternoon, we made a family outing and CP enjoyed herself. She thought that she was the cat's meow and I think that we'll be regulars there once it heats up more.

There are some new pics on flickr, but it seems to want to turn them on their sides. Good for downloading, I guess, but not much else.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Just put CP down for her morning nap. We're really excited for the grandparents to get to see her new teeth and funny expressions. The grandparents parked the land yacht in Shamrock Texas last night. Mmmmmm....nothing quite like middle-of-nowhere Texas and a little highway noise to put you to sleep. CP's changed alot since they first saw her.

One of our "neighbors" just had one of his three junk cars towed away for good. It was an 80s model Taurus station wagon with one window still in it - the windshield. The passenger floorboard doubled as an ashtray and there was hardly any paint left on the thing. We're glad to see it gone and hope that the others, and our "neighbor" will soon follow.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The LW was just chatting with the sister and that's how we just found out that she's got a monster.....a 950 monster that is. Man, that must be fun. There's a track day coming up soon at Firebird, but it'd be tough to get the bike shipped since we all know that she can't ride that thing all the way across the country....she's a girl! (ohhhh, I know that the wife will pipe up about that one) Anyway, it's good to know that she's got the toy and can get out and play every now and then.

There are some new pics on the flickr. Some of CP when we put her in the sun on the bed to help get rid of some diaper rash that came with her two front teeth and a few shots from our trip to Aqua Caliente park a week? or so ago.

Off to the garden meeting tomorrow, the neighborhood association Friday night, the trail riding group cleanup on Saturday morning and the newest garden's meeting on Sunday afternoon. There'll be some time for a breather in there somewhere and I hope that my LW and I can find it. Oh, well, scratch that, my folks arrive Saturday evening - maybe they'll take CP so we can take a nap. Speaking of which, we actually took a nap the other day - one of the few that we could remember in the last 10 months and it was the best ever. No worries, no baby into everything....just snuggly naptime with no where to be......... It was better than chocolate.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

More money for stamps and now this? Pulling clocks?

The LW and I watched Al Gore's movie tonight. Say what you want, but unless you've got a good lead on 650,000 years of data that refutes what came out of the ice cores, you should probably turn off Fox "news", bitch-slap yourself a few times, and wake up. It was an interesting movie, but the data presented was what stole the show. If you haven't checked it so.

Played in the garden a bit today. Peas, sunflowers, butterbeans, Armenian cucumber, and eggplant seeds went in the ground. The LW wanted to get a tomato plant from the nursery, so we chose a beefmaster and I layed it in the ground sideways. George cast a bit of sad news on the beekeeping front recently. The LW had so hoped to get a hive going. I guess it will be up to the desire for chickens and the completion of a water harvesting sytem to keep her occupied now.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Checked out some stuff from MS today in the Clarion Ledger. It seems as though the mayor is having a tough go of it. Pretty funny.... I can almost imagine what my grandfather has to say about that - probably something similar to his views on his former neighbor Benny Thompson.

Sunny, but cool today and some seeds went in the garden a little while ago. Tomato, pepper, pole beans, and we still have to get butterbean and eggplant seeds. The garden's shaping up and should be nice before the summer blazing begins. I got a late start last year - April 15th - and it feels good to be ahead of that time.

I think that there's some stuff going on at the Pima Air & Space Museum this weekend. There was a P-51 and an F-4 making circles over the house earlier. They landed the F-15 early and I think that he only made a couple of circles with the P-51.