Monday, May 26, 2008


Man, the Penzey's catalog took a big hit in the shorts last week. My LW found a store nearby called Flavorbank. CP evidently had a good time playing on the piano in the store while the store owner, Jennifer, helped the LW shop for spices. We even got some samples! I think that the coolest thing she brought home is called RAS Al Hanout by Afrikya. It's the best thing for oatmeal since brown sugar. It'll totally change the way that you look at a tired old bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. We'll be going back.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Onward Atheist Soldier

Read this in my old local rag, the Pitch this morning and it just made me mad. That major that gave him a hard time is just a santorum style stain on the military, but there are tons like him. They've bought into several different flavors of koolaide and won't be persuaded otherwise. Another blogger has a good rundown. You'd think that a military leader with a college education would have the good sense......ahhhh, nevermind. Nothing's changed since I was in....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Funny Sh..tuff

Conversation in CP's room this morning:
CP: Mommy aaheharumfarted inaruhtub (giggle)
LW: Yes honey, you farted in the tub and it went further than that...

It's funny now, but it wasn't funny at the time. Toddler poop in the tub disintegrates quickly and can make a serious mess of the parents, bathroom, and toddler in short order. Ahh just one of the many things that you figure out as a parent.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

13 Days

..spent on the road in one way or another.

We had some good fun at the Whiskey Off Road and I got to take some cool photos with some of the new and rented toys. The wife stopped before the 6 miles of downhill to help me with CP, who after a half day on the trail, was in full meltdown mode.

After we got home on Sunday, we did some laundry and repacked the car for our Tuesday morning departure for points east of the Mississippi. We decided to surprise the great grandparents with a toddler and a birthday party and it turned out well. Both grandmothers damn near keeled over when they saw CP standing at their doorsteps. We had two birthday parties and a visit filled with good food and happy people.

On this trip, we decided to start out really early in the morning so that CP would only realize a few hours in the car seat. It worked well until we started jumping time zones. A 1:30 wakeup for 7 hours+ of driving is a little old after 3 days in a row...and causes mumbled sailorish swearing after 4 days in a row. That time zone thing is pretty funny....nobody back there realizes that when they start clattering around the kitchen at 6am, that it's still 4 for us...and more importantly CP.

Our days of staying in the Van Horn KOA are numbered. They dicked us around by not unlocking our cabin when we arrived and the wife was....well...displeased. We'll probably start visiting the motels there. CP loves the rabbits that inhabit the place, but there are more rabbits than people in that town, so we'll find more of them.

I hope that in the next week we'll be able to catch our breath. We really need to drop CP off with some friends in town and have a weekend of down time.