Friday, June 20, 2008

Johnny Nash & The Mayor

I was discussing with the LW, my thoughts on having a quiet house and a relatively clear head this morning. I've been able to turn off the "Holy #@*t, where's CP?!" switch in the back of my mind and relax without worry. "Without worry" is a pretty tall order with a toddler in the house.

Being able to just sit and think this morning, without having to constantly be ready to react to something toddler related, is for me, akin to the way the local desert looks and feels after a slow cool rain. Everything is clear and clean. I thought of that Johnny Nash song from my childhood. Bright sunshiny day indeed.

I heard this story on NPR this morning too. It reminded me that many things are possible when kids are loved. Listen to it - don't read the text.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Run to Logan

CP and the LW took off this morning for a weekend wedding trip to Boston. A cousin is getting married and the LW has some other business stuff there. I talked to them when they were sitting in O'Hare and all seemed well. I hope that the iTunes downloads will keep her busy. She has a whole season of Yogi Bear, Thomas the Train, and TeleTubbies to watch on the LW's iPod. I even watched some of the old Yogi stuff yesterday while it was downloading and syncing up. It struck me as odd to watch that old cartoon on such a tiny device. When I watched that 'toon as a kid, the TV remote was 8x as big as the 80G classic....and that's if you had a TV new enough to have a remote. Dad used to tell us that's what we were for...changing the channels.... in addition to tax relief, of course.

It's been a tough couple of weeks here. CP has grown increasingly agitated and I think that it has to do with staying inside. I can't really see turning her out into the 108 degree heat, so it's just been rough. She's doing well and really starting to turn on the wordplay. I'm sure that she'll be a big hit this weekend.

Friday, June 06, 2008


It's Friday and I have nothing planned. It'll be a good day though. CP is snuggled up next to her mom and I couldn't go in there with the camera or it would wake both of them. Last night I got out on the bike while the LW and CP were downtown with friends. A photographer buddy of mine was shooting a swim meet over at a local pool. It was a hoot! All of those little people running around...

We missed our first pickup as CSA members and I'm pretty bummed about it. For some reason, the alarm in my Zire didn't transfer to this week.

There's a supermoto event this weekend ..and.. a nekkid bicycling event. I hope that I can make it to one or the other.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Coffee Bus & The Zoo

The SAHD meetup was this morning at the Coffee Bus. CP was yelling "City Bus!" the entire way there. We were out of the house early and had to run by the bank, but "City Bus!" was all that she could think of saying. We made it there a little after 9am and the rest of the gang were already there. We had five dads show up and a total of eight kids. It was a little busy up on the top of the bus with all of the little ones running around. I'm sure that the two girls up top thought that the conversation was pretty funny too.

Following this, I went looking for a Rash Guard type of shirt for swimming. CP has one and I think that it'd be a swell idea to have one too. That way all of my glowing whiteness won't turn to glowing redness. Well, all of the shirts that I found were made in Thailand, and evidently they only fit people from Thailand. There must not be too many 6' tall people there with 46-7" chest measurements...or is that just me?

After that bit of fun and games, we met Aunt Carie at the Edith Ball Rec center and were going to go rounds in the pool with the little people. We found once we'd arrived and unloaded that the pool doesn't open for free swim until 1pm. Luckily, Aunt Carie has a membership at the Zoo, so we went across the parking lot and found the water area there. You know, the one that's next to the otters. All of us had a good time and went out for tacos later. There's a tired kid asleep at our house now.

Drunk Morons and Crazy People with Guns

This and this pretty much say it all today.

I guess the neighbors of this Delich loser that shot the cops said that he would talk to rocks and fruit in his back yard. I want to know how that idiot got all of the weapons that he was shown with....and how he afforded a really expensive looking house. The house doesn't appear to be in his name, so maybe he was just renting or living off of someone else. Either way, he should have had some meds or a bullet.

I bet the guy that ran into all of those cyclists is trying to claim that he's a US citizen so he can lawyer up and get off. I wonder if Mexico would fry him up. I think that if someone did that at a race here, the cops would have to pry people off of their drunk arse.