Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We've begun to settle in here at casa de in-laws. CP is enjoying all of the extra attention and the change of pace. We still have two cousins for her to see, but she's sick now and we don't want to pass her cough and fever on if we can help it. Maybe this weekend she'll be cleared up and I know she'll be ready to go. There's a bit of family stuff with a great grandmother coming into town this weekend in addition to the candy coated festivities, so we'll be squeezing things in.

Today was a nice break because the folks I work with decided to cut me loose for a few days so that I can get some things unpacked finally and get a preschool set up. We looked at the local Y today and they have a nice full time program for $660/month. That'll be almost 2 weeks of work going for child care. We'll be looking at other secular alternatives and decide some time in the next two weeks...I hope.

The power glitched the other day during a rain and it screwed up MS Money+ so badly that it took me about 5 hours to figure out how to get it running again. MS isn't supporting it anymore, so a lot of the troubleshooting links are dead - it was fun. Note to self: get a UPS for the computer soon...it actually rains here ....often.

It's been a rough adjustment, but seeing CP with all of the family confirmed what we though about this being a good move. We miss the T-town peeps, but it was the right thing.

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Cortney said...

Glad that you guys are getting settled!