Monday, October 05, 2009

Obama Bin Laden?

The other day I was in the electrical isle of our local Ace Hardware talking to a chap there about what I needed to do about a lame "Tyrone" (previous owner of the house - name synonymous with all things done in half-assed) fix. Well, we were talking about the military and he mentioned "Obama Bin Laden" and how the military wouldn't take him after I asked him if he'd been in. I returned with the fact that it was chicken-hawks and an Ivy Leaguer from...wait for Ivory Tower...that helped get us into all of this mess. I don't know if it registered or not though.....

I'm reading Fiasco right now and this sort of chickenhawkishness really chaps my ass. People are doggin' on Obama for this or that.... which I guess is ok - he's the pres - but step back from that and look what it took for him to make it then compare that to the previous 20 years' worth of presidents. A black guy (not enough for some, I know) from a past, that doesn't carry with it previous presidential "ins", made it. Now...look back at what we've had slide us into wars of one sort or another for the past 20 years. Lackeys and deferment junkies from administrations that most would consider failures (Cheney), a connected tobacco governor, one who can't keep it in his pants, or folks from the CIA who then helped their inept kid(s) along. It's just sickening....and when one guy comes along and makes it at a time when the toll of deregulation hits the fan...he's the damned problem? I'll call bullshit on that.

I guess knowing your history isn't needed to get into the military, but it might help this chap from the hardware store. It wasn't required for me when I went in - 18 and dumb. It's only years later that I really looked back and could see the folly in what the US was doing.

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